Sunday, April 30, 2017

Turquoise liquid came crashing up the cliff. Stone quaking in its force. The humbling power of the sea scarring of all but the few seals, and the outcast hunters out for the leathery hides. The brave wahlers too, are out in the choppy sea looking for the mammals that will bring in the riches of liquid gold -oil, and fatty blubber. Braver still are the whales who go to the cove for a rest from the storms that rip through, yet they’d fear better in a hurricane. The waters are red and the smell of death in the air…

This is what the deadly plague (Human kind) does.


The brisk, fresh breeze washed over the Atlantic. The hull rocketed through the unbroken surf; steam shoot out the the smoke stacks. The tin monster a floating tank, its hull ‘unbreakable’
In the desolate ocean. The barren landscapes silhouette was broken only by the few small icebergs that rose past the surface. The ‘invisible’ boat filled to the brim with passengers and paper.
The inconspicuous tip of the iceberg the only sign of the beast below, screeching as it past, cutting through the metal monster.The blue rose through the cabins, one by one the behemoth sank lower, meter by meter, the iron beast sunk - into the depth of the blue below.

A titanic disaster, nothing is safe from nature...   

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Monday, October 17, 2016


The green and red light shone down it to the corrosion pit of green sludge.
The slippery sides a deadly trap for nectar drunk flies, waiting to fall to the radiate aquis pit filled with remains of insects. All will find a slow and sappy end in the picture plant…      

The hairs waiting to set off with a snap reaction. The lid snaps shut trapping the unsuspecting victim  bars of green start a slow end of being digested alive. Snapped up by a venus fly trap…   

The sticky icky traps a fatal lure for unsuspecting victims, wanting a small snack. Its sticky pours trap and start to slowly case the trapped victim. The sundew slowly completes its trap of the alive victim and then it seeps the dying victim… in death…  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Presuasive Writing

I think Sealand, a man made ‘Ex-naval-base’ of the coast of Suffolk should be a country.

It has a  brutal history of ‘Radio Pirates’, and prior to that it was a naval tower to stop incoming assault from the Natzis in World War 2. It would warn the mainland to prepare. A ‘radio pirate’ claimed roughs tower and renamed Sealand it has a stamp, currency a flag and many other things in its name.

Sealand is NOT an official country although it fits all the requirements, permanent population -the crew, a defined territory -3 nautical miles by 3 nautical miles, its government -the owner (Roy Bates),

capacity to enter relations with other countries,

Sealand  a man made, Ex anti-aircraft tower of the coast of Suffolk should, a country whose independence is determined by the world superpowers… ...UK, USA, China….

sealand speech

This is aimed at geographically challenged individuals....

Intro: Seven miles of the coast of Suffolk, England, sits Sealand or roughs tower, this ex-anti-aircraft tower was used in world war two, to worn the mainland of in coming assault. Later on it was taken over by ‘Radio Pirates’ and eventually turned into the unofficial country of sealand.

Roughs tower: Roughs tower was built along with the other anti-aircraft towers and military ones. The military towers were made in clusters with bridges across so the the soldiers could move between them it warned the mainland several time until abandoned after the war.

The legs: sealand base has 7 layers on each of the two posts which include living quarters staff quarters and living room.i t has a jail! Yes a JAIL about several meters under sea level. And on the other leg its business. HavenCo.

Principality: Sealand has a currency the ‘sealand dollar’. um there quite unique but more of a novelty as it is not recognized by any other nation. It has stamps. A flag -read in the top left corner, white strip that separates the black in the opposite corner. It also has a coat of arms which is extremely busy, it includes ‘mere lions’ a crowned knight a gauntlet. It also has a football team.

Conclusion: Seven miles of the coast of suffolk lays sealand a unique micro nation with its own currency, stamps and flag. Sealand (as small as it is) Is truely unique.